Friday, November 28, 2008

Update Update Read All About It!

So it has been a long time since I have had a chance to add a post; so sorry to all my girlfriends that have been on me and embarrassed to have me as a link. Life has been crazy in the Sheehan Family and we are either working hard or partying hard - Mormon style of course! Annika was baptized, Tyler came home from his mission in Taiwan, Twilight Movie came out, U of U whooped BYU's Trash, Brooke M had her baby, Thanksgiving was great and we (me, my mom & Barb) made out on all the "Day after Thanksgiving" shopping deals! What more could we ask for? Bottom line is we are all exhausted. Work has been consuming and school is exhausting for both Rahn and the kids. Honestly, nothing I can say really sums it better than this picture of Meadow so plum tuckered out she lays herself down in the middle of the hardwood floor and takes a little power nap!

So what is in store for the Sheehan Fam? We are all thinking about goals, the new year, and pondering quite a bit since it has now been a year since my dad passed away. My family's goals for me are to work no more than 10 hours a day but would be happy with no more than 12 hours.

My thoughts on the new year and what I want to do in the future is.....

5 Goals for the upcoming year: 1. Make it anywhere with sunshine, the ocean, and white sand. I would actually like to take the kids too! Shocker I know. Cancun, all inclusive resort, with kids is sounding nice. No Blackberry, email, contact with this part of the world, fun and exciting. 2. Exercise and not let my team down & Eat healthy. 3. Read the Twilight series again. 4. Girls trip. 5. Live with Grace, Compassion, & Excellence.

Goals for the Future: Law School Executive Program to enhance my current career, Buy a Honda Odyssey Mini Van. Old reliable is about to turn 12 and is squealing something crazy but Jesus thinks she smells Awesome! That's for you Kim. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Travel to Italy and ride on a Gondola. Trip to Hawaii with Rahn. Cruise with kids. See my kids grow.

Things I look forward to and things I enjoy.... luxury feather pillows which one day I will break down and buy, until then I'll just have to cross my fingers Brooke M gets me Priceline in hotels with them.. shoes, shoes, shoes.. Diorshow mascara.. Rahn Time - especially Ranch exits.. Sunshine anywhere.. Movies like Juno, Sweet Home Alabama, Twilight.. Watching my kids play when they are not fighting..Girlfriends.. Cooking, well baking, I'll leave the cooking up to Jenni and I'm sure she is just fine if I do the baking! .. Amy B. having her beautiful boy join us on earth. . Falling in love with Rahn & each of my kids more and more every day!

So how about you?

Chancellor gets Staples & Stitches

Just another day at the InstaCare for Rahn. I calledAdd Image when I landed in Concord, CA and no answer when my girlfriend called me saying she was taking Meadow over to the Marshall's. I asked her why she was telling me and not Rahn. That's when she said he had to take Chance to Instacare and he dropped Meadow off. Chance ran into the table which resulted in 9 stitches and 5 staples. Between stitches, broken legs, etc Instacare knows us on a first name basis.

Halloween Party!

Rahn's kids brought their scriptures 12 weeks in a row so we all know what kind of justification that provides right? Justification for a PARTY! We had all of Rahn's primary class, a few of the neighbors, & Annika and Sophia had some of their girlfriends come as well. While the class & kids thought the party was for them we all know it was really for us! We had a blast. Rahn was a redneck Cedar guy and I was a vampire witch. Annika was a vampire, Sophia a Punk Pirate, Chancellor was Rocket from the Little Einsteins, Meadow as Minnie Mouse, & Bubba was Batman! Thanks to Gina we had awesome SCARY Halloween decorations. We had fun food like boogar sticks, kitty litter with poop which was really cake with pudding and tootsie rolls melting and shaped into cat poop. Some of the pictures are attached. Make sure you ask Eric about his scary moment in our house with the "Butler"....Ha Ha! We played some pretty fun games, did some doorbell ditching (incidentally we got Eric on that one), TP, and let off some dry ice bombs. And we are how old?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Annika's 8!

Isn't it Great! Annika is 8 & Rahn is Baptizing and Confirming her this Saturday!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dave flying the Jet

The first is a picture of Dave flying the Eclipse and 601pc is at the bottom of the picture. The second is him piloting the jet and the last is Mark guiding Dave into the hanger. The Eclipse will remain parked as Dave was the only pilot qualified to fly the jet.

Dave at the Eclipse Training

Dave and 601PC

Dave in 601PC

In Loving Memory of David White - Our Favorite Pilot & Friend

This post is a special post in honor of a great pilot and our friend, David White. On August 22, 2008, Dave was taking one of our regular flights to Moab. A flight he had taken many times on one of our King Air's 601PC. Just before 6:00 pm after take off about 2 miles out he attempted to land the plane and it resulted in a loss of all 10 on board. Dave flew Pappa Charlie every week before we received the jet. I flew in Pappa Charlie to CA on the 15th of August, the last flight it took prior to its final flight. When we went to board the plane that morning Joanne and I looked at each other as Cole (another LG pilot) came thru the door and we whispered to each other, "Where's Dave?" He was our favorite pilot and the best pilot we had.

Dave has flown me several times. I trust him with my life & my family's life. He has flown us all. Annika loved to co-pilot with him as he made her feel like she was queen of the air. He was selfless and always took care of us. Every early morning flight he had breakfast waiting at the hanger. On the way home there was always a snack bag on our seats or ice cream he would keep cold with dry ice.

He was Rahn's hanger buddy & my shopping buddy. We had some great shopping trips in AZ - the tile in the entry way of our home is one of many akward things he helped me bring back on the plane (see picture of Jenni, Dave & I at lunch that day). Each time I co-piloted with him we would play "Our Favorite Things" as a challenge to get a question he would not be able to answer with "Fly". So I say to Dave the same words as Mark did, take Pappa Charlie for a long ride and "Fly" and I will see you again in Heaven. Until then Rahn and I will be watching over Andrea and the kids.

Sophia Starts Kindergarten

Sophia started Kindergarten! This is her first day of school. Chancellor started at Iron County Preschool again with Miss Mary. Annika started 3rd grade & has Mr. Shirley and is having so much fun in his class. They all ride the bus! Meadow is the only one at home well and Bubba too! She will be 3 in a week! No more babies yeah!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally Home!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Utah Summer Games Triathlon!

Congrats to all of us in the Summer Games Tri! Gina, Amanda, Kathryn, Toni, Natalie, Mat, Mark, Todd, Jenny, Tiffany - We all rocked! Thanks to all those who supported us and put up with us thru the training and race day - our husbands and wives, Coach Debbie, Leslie & Clay we love you guys! A special thanks to Jenni who got up at 4:45 am to stay with the kids! It means so much since I know you do not like mornings! Next challenge - Lake Powell Tri - October 18th! Congrats to the 10k runners, Amanda, Rahn my hot sexy husband who ran as a girl (Kathryn), Michelle, & the Marshalls BUT a special CONGRATS to my girl Amanda who whooped some trash and took the GOLD Medal in the 10k!

Baby Shower Bliss

The baby shower for Baby Mitchell was baby bliss & lots of prego's! I think there were two or three that were pregnant and two babies! Annika & Michael had a blast & it was great to have a reuniting of the "Stable Court" moms. I miss you all! It was heart wrentching when the lady who bought our house walked in and I asked how she liked her new house and she was like "We love the house the pool and such a great street." Then she realized it was me. I miss it all so much!

Sunshine & Summertime in AZ!

Annika and I arrived in the Valley of the Sun leaving the snow in Cedar boo hoo! Good time and summertime baby! Lennox is so cute and growing up way too quick! I took about 15 pictures of Lennox and Annika and this picture is the only one where Annika even remotely has her eyes open. The girls all had so much fun together. Amy and I had a full day of AZ shopping and we were able to track down and race to Costco to get Wi fit! They would only let us buy one per membership so we were holding one in a cart for Brain & Sarah until Brian got there to buy it on his membership and the lady was totally stocking us and walked up to us. It was crazy! Eric and Amy are our dear friends that we love so much. They were key to our eternal salvation and we will be grateful for eternity for their love and friendship! My only complaint - it was not hot enough. It was barely 100.

Snow in June Calls for Arizona Sun!!!

Snow in Utah = Runaway to The Valley of the Sun!!! This about put me over the edge when I walked outside on June 5th to meet Gina at the pool there was SNOW!!! Yuck! After Jenni and I had worked so hard on all my flower pots it snowed on them. Solution to this is easy - some AZ sun. Annika and I flew to AZ that day! Sunshine and summertime all year long back home in Gilbert.